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Our Environment

Paramount Building & Project Management Pty. Ltd. regards environmental management as a fundamental aspect of our business foundation. We are focused on environmental protection and how our products and/or services may affect the environment locally.

We have established objectives and targets to protect our natural capital and prevent any potential impacts or pollution our products and/or services may have on the environment.

It is our policy to:

  • Ensure that our people have the knowledge and other resources needed to meet our obligations and fulfil our commitment to environmental care;
  • Ensure that our Company uses operating procedures necessary to identify, monitor and control the impact of our operations. We are committed to identifying ways of reducing the direct environmental impact of our operations and waste to prevent pollution;
  • Ensure our operations, products and services comply with the  Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, in addition to meeting the requirements set down in ISO 14001, industry best practice codes and other standards to relevant to our business;
  • Ensure the suppliers, stockists and subcontractors we deal with are informed of our Environmental Policy and are managed to ensure their compliance with this policy;
  • Communicate openly with relevant authorities and the general community to meet the needs and demands of growth that may result from our business products or services.

We continually monitor and evaluate our company‚Äôs performance in relation to these environmental objectives and targets set. 

Changes are implemented as required, to ensure continual improvements of our performance, the conservation of our resources and the prevention of pollution.

We thank our employees, our suppliers and our subcontractors for their co-operation in this endeavor.